The Habits Of Fast Food And Fast-Food Adolescents

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As adolescents journey through the transition to adulthood, they are given the freedom of choice, and the most important of these choices I believe is their health. Most Americans these days do not smoke and if offered a cigarette, would refuse it. But place a burger or a soda and they would happily eat away even though these types of foods can be as negative on your health as tobacco. What caused the public’s eating habits to degrade so rapidly through the years? This is because millions of Americans these days are bombarded by fast-food advertising, subconsciously skewing their dietary habits without their notice and with increasing technology, there is no near end to the increase of these harmful advertisements unless we can stop it ourselves.

Chidvi’s Introduction:

The ability to make choices is one of the most important freedoms, or rights, that people have. We encounter with them all the time, such as choosing between studying for a test or playing games, but what matters is making the right choice amidst those options. Though, everyday, we are faced with one of our biggest life choices, choosing whether to eat healthy or unhealthy. But, most people choose unhealthy. Why is this? Well, every single day, we are flooded with fast food advertisements that are so captivating that we wouldn’t even thinking of declining them, becoming even more prominent with the rapid increase of new technology. This is why we need to start proposing a solution fast, before it's too
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