The Habits Of Native Americans As Vile People

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Other than discovering the world, some everyday activities of a european explorer include, a competition to see who can split a Native American man in half first, drowning young children for their own humor and burning native Americans alive to watch them agonize. During the Columbian Exchange, a time of trading goods and animals between the Americas and Europe starting in 1492, new landemasses were being explored and claimed in the Americas. These landmasses were explored by European explorers, including Conquistadors, Spanish explorers. Modern-day Mexico was the biggest target for these explorers. Although they discovered and explored many new landmasses, European explorers should be remembered as vile people because they brought gruesome diseases to the Americas, killing millions, they interrupted and took advantage of the Native Americans and their everyday lives, and the explorers were very violent towards them.
European explorers should be portrayed as villainous because they brought deadly diseases to the Americas. The diagram and excerpt from William Duiker’s and Jackson Spielvogel’s “The Columbian Exchange” give a good idea of the goods, animals, and diseases, that were traded between Europe and the Americas during the Columbian Exchange. Among the long list of diseases was smallpox (Doc. 3). Because smallpox was brought to the Americas, like the rest of the items, it spread quickly. Geoffrey Cowley in The Great Disease Migration explains the statistics of

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