The Hagen Farm Superfund Site is Used for Agricultural Needs

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The Hagen Farm Superfund Site is located in the town of Dunkirk in Dane County, Wisconsin. The 28-acre Hagen Farm is centered in a rural community with about 350 people residing within 1 mile of the superfund site. Approximately 1 mile west of Dunkirk is the city of Stoughton which has an extraterritorial jurisdictional boundary that incorporates the Hagen Farm Site. This area has been utilized primarily for agricultural needs, but has also been used for sand and gravel mining and commercial business. The site is located in the Yahara River watershed, and the southerly flowing Yahara River is located about 1.5 miles to the west of Hagen Farm, and the groundwater flows south, west, and east away from the site. The Stoughton Airfield is also located in proximity to the northwestern portion of the site. The Hagen Farm acquired its name when the property was sold to farmer and sheep grazer Orrin Hagen in 1970.
Prior to the late 1950s the site was used as an excavation pit for sand and gravel. The quarry was subsequently used for the disposal of waste materials from 1950 until 1966. 10 acres of the 28-acre site has been used as a disposal area for several hazardous waste contaminants that included volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, tetrahydrofuran, toluene, vinyl chloride and xylene; other organics such as phenols and PCBs as well as lead. The main area of contamination is in the southern half of the 10 acre area which encompasses about 6 acres which

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