The Hammer Of Thor Chapter Summary

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The Hammer of Thor The Norse Gods are real and the monsters are real too! Magnus Chase is dead, but is now one of Odin’s warriors. The story takes place six weeks after rebinding the wolf god Fenris and postponing Ragnarok, the end of the world. The Hammer of Thor, written by Rick Riordan, is a great book and well worth reading because it is funny and full of fights. In this book, readers continue to follow Magnus Chase’s adventures after the events of the first book, Sword of Summer. Magnus is an Einherjar, a warrior of Odin, who has a magical talking sword named Jack that cannot sing the top forty hits. There is also a new character, a hall mate on floor nineteen, Alex a child of Loki. Sam is a Valkyrie who is Arabic and the one who brought Magnus to Valhalla, a hotel for…show more content…
They travel to realms including Alfheim, where Hearth has to pay a debt to his father. When they leave Hearth’s dad is alone with a cursed ring. They also go to Jotunheim to search for a giant that can help them on their quest. They also go to Thor’s house in Asgard to talk to him about his hammer. While at thor’s house Sif make the girls wedding dresses and Magnus a tuxedo so they can get into the place where the hammer is hidden in the realm of Midgard. The reader will enjoy the realms because there is a different type of danger in each one. What is also great about the Hammer of Thor is the humor that the author includes in the story through Jack, Magnus’ talking sword. It is funny how Jack has a crush on all sorts of magical weapons. It is also funny how he acts like a real person because he is a sword that talks even though he does not have a mouth. Jack is so funny because he thinks he can sing the top forty songs, but he can not sing at all. Jack also says things that would direct people to look at his face but he does not have a
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