The Handmaid 's Tale By Atwood

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The Handmaid’s Tale- How does the reading contribute to your emerging understanding of the novel? One of the main themes is postmodernist of absolute truth… The Handmaid 's Tale by Atwood makes readers to question the authenticity of constructing universal truth … a postmodern text as it emphasises the form rather than the content. It demonstrates a belief that language does not simply mirror the world, but aids us in reconstruction. Postmodernism is sceptical about the universal truth as well as the language that claims to be authoritative and objective. The stylistic technique of a metafiction and intertextuality and reinforce readers that they are not reading a universal truth of perspective or experience, but a variety of texts …show more content…

She wants to look up to the original words but she knows that the ‘bible is kept locked up… [they]can be read to from it, by him, [they] cannot read’. Offred’s statement reveals the juxtaposition demeanour Gilead has, for the state forcing them to submit to their so called ‘one true religion’, but restricting access to knowledge by banning them from reading and writing. The regime can interpret it however they please without citizens challenging, preventing the public to identify made up statements that are claimed to be taken from the Bible. In addition, Gilead also uses clothing to represent hierarchy, with dress codes that demonstrates women’s lack of individuality and autonomy, as if they have become interchangeable, like matching outfits on a rack, this is revealed as Offred describes her daily clothes with ‘red shoes… everything except the wings around [her] face is red: the colour of blood, which defines [them]’. The symbolism of red represents sins; namely adultery, conveying the notion of repressive nature and the sexual acts they are forced to perform with their commanders, the clothing also blinds them to the outside world and keep them hidden from it, portraying the limits of freedom they have. Various interpretation affects the construction of truth; reader must be aware construction process to gain understanding of how authenticity is manipulated. In this postmodern text, Gilead’s use of the Bible justify its rule the same way readers interpret

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