The Hard Determinist Does Not Exist

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People who believe that we have no free will, that there is no free actions are known as a hard determinists. In other words, hard determinism is the doctrine that there are no free actions. To them, everything is casually determined and no one acts freely. The hard determinist does not deny that it seems that we have free will. What they deny is that the way things seems is the way they are. Nothing could ever be any other way than the way it is. Choices do not exist, free will does not exist, and randomness does not exist. What happens depends entirely on the previous arrangements of its cause and could not be otherwise. Hard determinist argue that all human actions are casually determined and therefore we act freely and cannot be held morally responsible for our actions. As an example Bob and Tom are stuck in a room. In one hand, Bob has chocolate cake and in the other hand, he has an apple, Bob is offering him one. Tom was given a choice to either choose the chocolate cake or the apple and he chose the chocolate cakes. To Tom, in his mind, he would say that he chose the chocolate cake on his own free will. If he wanted to, he could have chosen the apple, nothing forced him to pick the chocolate cake, he chose it because he wanted it, and he was free to choose either. A hard determinist would say that his past events made him chose the chocolate cake. Maybe as a child, he was given the sweet sugary treat more often the healthy fresh apple and because of that reason, he

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