The Harlem Jazz Scene Analysis

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“Observant parents and teachers can hardly fail to be concerned about a youngster’s growing sensitives as well as the fact he leaves the house at times that he used to spend with his family,” (Zakharov 29). In Sonny’s case, Isabel, her parents, and school have become concerned with Sonny’s behavior. He no longer attends school; instead, when he is supposed to be at school he is at Greenwich Village with musicians and other characters, in a white girl’s apartment. “In the second major wave of American opiate addiction, heroin was integrated into the new cultural identity of the ‘hipster’ first through the Harlem jazz scene,” (A Social History of American’s Most Popular Drugs). Instead of finishing out his last year of high school while staying at Isabel’s, Sonny spent his school days playing music and getting high in Greenwich Village. This was very alarming to Isabel. She became very upset with Sonny and although she tried her best to stay calm, she lost control and began crying. She could tell by watching him what was happening. Isabel and her parents had broken Sonny. The wall that he had managed to build, the cloud that he was living in was no longer there, and reality finally managed to break through to Sonny. They brought out his grief and sadness that he was able to numb by using heroin. Most addicts use the drugs to control the underlying feelings that they do not want to acknowledge. For Sonny it was most likely the grief of losing his mother, his

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