The Harlem Renaissance : Langston Hughes

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During the 1900’s many African Americans moved from the south to the north in an event called the Great Migration. Many of the South African, Americans migrated to a place called Harlem and this is where it all started. Harlem became the training ground for blues and jazz and gave birth to a young generation of Negro Artist, who referred to themselves as the New Negro. The New Negro was the base for an epoch called the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance allowed for the materialization of the double consciousness of the Negro race as demonstrated by artists such as Langston Hughes. During the peak of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes created poetry that was not only artistically and musically sound but also captured a blues essence giving life to a new mode of poetry as it portrayed the African American struggles with ego and society leading Langston Hughes to be one of the most influential icons of the Harlem Renaissance. One affair is for sure, Hughes consistent use of common themes allows them to be the very groundwork of the Harlem Renaissance.
Langston Hughes was one of the most influential writers during the Harlem Renaissance. Hughes is recognized for his insightful, colorful, realistic portraits of black life in America. He wrote poetry, short tales, novels, and plays, and is recognized for his involvement with the world of jazz and the influence it had on his composition. His spirit and work were enormously important in determining the artistic

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