The Harlem Renaissance Was A Movement Of The Popularity

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The Harlem Renaissance was a movement of the popularity of black culture and art during the 1920’s. During the Renaissance, Harlem was a cultural center, luring in black writers, artists, musicians, photographers, poets and scholars. This was the first time that black cultural had really been able to shine in America. It was also the first time that blacks were accepted for their talents and abilities. There were even whites who began adapting some black cultural movements, at this time this was nearly unheard of. This movement led to a new cultural identity for the black people. Not everybody accepted this movement though. The Ku Klux Klan began prominent again in the 1920’s. Not only was the Great Migration of blacks from the south to …show more content…

People like Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway and even Louis Armstrong were some of the regular customers or performers in the Club. In Harlem, you could not find a place that had more black culture. The time period of the Harlem Renaissance also brought us a lot of innovation in music. Jazz music reached popularity in the 1920’s. Artists like Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Sidney Bechet. These jazz artists would lead to other music later down the road. Jazz would later turn to rap and lead to even more breakout African American artists. The breakout of African American culture was one that led to great new artistry in the United States. The Harlem Renaissance and the Great Migration led to opportunities for all races and without it, America would not be the same.

2, The 1920s was a decade of tremendous tension between forces of tradition and modernity. Analyze how the United States began to modernize and how many Americans clung to “traditional” values.

The 1920s lead to increased knowledge scientifically and increased freedom in the scientific community. When scientific knowledge is discovered traditionalists continue to hold to their beliefs while scientists and people of the community continue to push for more and more information. There has always been tension between modernity and tradition because modernity typically disturbs the traditionalist religious beliefs. One example of this in the

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