The Harmuful Effects of Marijuana

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In 2006, A Drug Free World's "The Harmful Effects of Marijuana” emerged in the media. ADFW reasons that marijuana is harmful in numerous ways, including cerebral damage and debilitation to the immune system. Throughout the article, they also try to persuade the reader that cannabis is a "gateway drug" that undoubtedly leads the users into much harder drugs. When reading this article, one must consider that research to support anything can be found if one searches hard enough, but without a doubt the fallacy of their conclusion is due to their research seeking facts to support an already-assumed conclusion. Consequently, I have found that many of their points simply do not justify their conclusion. One of ADFW’s strongest supporting claims is of the physical harms of marijuana. They claim that "marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke”; however, they fail to mention that these studies are exaggerated and the real fact is that it contains 5 times as many cancer causing agents, but those are counteracted by the THC and CBD within the drug that cigarettes don't contain, a point brought to light by articles like “Marijuana Cures Cancer” by Arjun Walia. More present-day examinations of people who are frequent marijuana users show no signs of cerebral damage. Additonally, the American Medical Association has officially endorsed the legalization of marijuana. I find this to be quite a bit more persuasive than an obsolete and poorly

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