The Health Care System Of The United States

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1.) Briefly describe the US Health Care system. Identify the people, professionals and organizations that have something to say about how health care is delivered -- and paid for -- in the US. The Health Care System in the United States is provided by many organizations. The Healthcare facilities are largely owned by private sector businesses. A large part of community hospitals are non-profit and government owned, and only a small percent is for profit. The non-profit hospitals include 60 to 65 percent of healthcare spending comes from programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program, and Veteran’s Health Administration. Growing numbers of Americans are uninsured, and costs keep rising to this day. The United …show more content…

If you are just getting a physical, or getting treated at a medical facility, you are getting outpatient care. (Askin & Moore p.2). 2.) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the U.S. health care system? Identify at least three of each. The United States Healthcare system is one of the best healthcare systems in the world. There are many strengths along with weaknesses that our Healthcare system shows us. One strength of our system is our cutting-edge technology. Over the past half a century, technology in hospitals, emergency rooms, nursing homes, etc. has improved rapidly. This resulted in less deaths because of machines and medicines that provided rapid care for patients throughout the United States. (Capretta 1). Another strength of the healthcare system includes emergency visits to the hospital even if you are not insured. If you are in an emergency, by law a hospital can not turn you down. One last strength is the quality of the specialists. To become a health profession, it requires a ton of schooling. Every specialist and doctor had to go through medical school which is not easy. They get taught the right way to do things, and how to handle equipment needed for surgeries. Every Healthcare system in the world is not a perfect Healthcare system. Even though the United States Healthcare system is the best in its world, it still has its flaws. One of these flaws include the Primary Care Crisis. The Primary Care Crisis was when the percentage of

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