The Health Issue Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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Diet-related health challenges have become a major health and economic concern in the modern society. The 21st century has witnessed an increase in the number in diet-related health conditions such as obesity and high blood pressure that continues to exert pressure on the community and national resources. As a community health nurse, one gets to perceive the magnitude of these challenges through field experience. This paper sets up to provide a community health nursing-field experience gained in the city of Katy, Texas, U.S.A by exploring the health issue of childhood obesity in the city. This fieldwork will focus on children between the ages of 2 and 19 across all genders among the Hispanics, whereby 21.4 % and 22.4% of Latino males and females respectively aged between 2 and 19 years were obese (Texas Department of State Health Services, 2014). The paper seeks to analyze the health identified health challenge and outline measures to address the issue.
Community description
The city of Katy is found in the state of Texas, U.S.A, and lies within the metropolitan area of the Woodlands-Houston-Sugar Land. The resident of the city often divides the city into two informal halves; historic Katy and the greater Katy. The city lies south and north of Interstate 10, and between Pederson road and the Barker Cypress road to the west and east respectively. According to the United States Census Bureau, total population estimates of Katy city was 16, 158 as at July 2015 representing a
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