Essay On Heart Disease

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Each year in the United States, heart disease takes the lives of 614, 348 Americans. To keep that number from increasing, what can be done to remove this killer disease from this country? Studies have shown that most cardiovascular diseases are caused by controllable risk factors such as: cholesterol, diet, high blood pressure, drug use and exercise. A major dietary factor to heart disease is saturated fat which is commonly found in meat and dairy products. To decrease the heart disease death rate, a major step that could be changed is the diet. Because meat and dairy products holds the saturated fat that contributes to heart disease, taking that out of your diet and starting a plant-based diet could decrease the chances of getting this deadly disease. The risks of getting heart disease can be reduced significantly by taking on a vegan diet that completely cuts out the saturated fats and cholesterol that is found in meat products. The definition for the term veganism is a lifestyle that aims to completely avoid animal products and is strictly applied in diets. There are other forms of vegan diets such as ova-vegetarian and lacto-vegetarian. These two diets may consist of dairy and eggs but avoid any sort of meat. “By completely cutting off meat altogether, vegetarians had 26% to 68% lower risks of mortality from ischemic heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and cerebrovascular disease” (Le and Sabaté). This is because in several different meat products, it contains high

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