The Health Of The World

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The health of the world does not fall on one country, rather it is a joint effort that should bring the world together. The information about the health of the world is the job public health professionals. Public Health Professionals are not only scientific but also artistic. Their job is to research, educated and to promote health. They are supposed to join together the developed world and the undeveloped countries in order to prevent the spread of disease and make an overall healthier world. This is shown with the Sustainable Development Goals. Their job is to research, educated and to promote healthy lifestyles. Most importantly, Public Health Professionals are trying to promote these Sustainable Development goals. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 targets, that have replaced the Millennium Development Goal that were not completed by their deadline. They have a deadline of 2030 to complete everything from eradicating poverty to good health and well being to peace justice and strong institutions for all. These were sigh by over 100 nations, making this a joint effort by the entire world. Public Health Professionals follow these goals and different statistics throughout the world. Public Health Professionals follow different statistics like deaths, disease and poverty rates in order understand what is happening throughout the world. These rates show what exactly people across the world are fighting in regards to health. An important part is the data, they can

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