The Help By Tate Taylor

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Martin Luther King Jr once quoted “There is no noise as powerful as the sound of the marching feet of determined people” referring to that rather than generating riots that may or may not solve any issues fight for your rights peacefully preserving freedom, order, and equality. “The Help”, directed by Tate Taylor, released on August 10, 2011, is a heartwarming film depicting the effects of the civil rights movement to the African American maids serving the privileged white families of Jackson, Mississippi. The main story plot was impeccable with high regards as an academic award nominated and winning movie. The acting was exquisite shaping the circumstances of the civil rights movement and portrays how much the nation has advanced throughout …show more content…

The qualities a movie of this nature should possess a surprise, eye-opener, and stagger the emotions. A plot with these standards prevents unpredictability and makes an exceptional film. In addition, a film may not exist without a story. In The Help the plot juggles the themes of society, class, racial discrimination, hope, and faith. The main turnover of the film was the scene in which Skeeter Phelan came to know after she began her undertaking expose that a dozen more maids would reach out by sharing their encounters working as a servant at the hands of their white employer’s needs. As the film reveals each maids narrative of their years of slaving for the white community and the backfires of the profession, the strength and power of these women gives a deeper meaning conveyed by the writer and director of the film. While the storyline extensively expresses despair, struggle, anguish, The Help establishes a message of hope, faith, and ambition to the African American society dealing with the civil rights …show more content…

The movie The Help was set in the 1960s during the civil rights movement. This setting affects the wardrobe, soundtrack, technique of writing and scenery, etc. There can’t be a hit song from Katy Perry in a film set past her era of fame. An appreciable film portrays the events occurred as they are realistically in the world despite controversial themes applied. Actions and occasional circumstances that occur in the film should in some perspective be relatable to the audience. For example, in the film there is a scene where a famous NAACP leader was assassinated in cold blood. We as a society have in some viewpoint can relate to these actions due to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, or John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Therefore the film accurately kept the viewers’ attention as a form of realism and relation to the

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