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The help Marina Vasquez Capital University Abstract The movie The Help shows many different aspects related to social psychology. There are many different factors that play a part in how people chose to act back then, if they chose to go with the majority and treat people worst then dogs or stand up for what’s right and be heard and not be afraid to be different showing that changing the way the maids were treated needed to happen. The Maids All of these women faced discrimination at its peak. They were considered to be lower than even the poorest white person in the majority of the Jackson community's eyes. The maids were considered dirty and a law was passed so they did not use the same restroom, but…show more content…
She lived at home as a newspaper columnist and dedicated all of her free time to writing a book that showed the view of the “help”, in other words the maids. She believed the maids are no different than her and treating them so is ridiculous. That is why she made the help book that was supposed to be for civil rights. She became beloved by the black community and stayed by their side throughout their movie. Aibileen Clark Aibileen Clark was a maid all her life. She worked in the homes of the wealthy in Jackson, Miss. She raised 17 children for her employers and one son of her own, who was killed in an accident while she was working. Depressed since the loss of her only child, Aibileen draws strength from both her faith and her best friend Minny. With quiet courage and dignity, Aibileen fulfills her duties as the Leefolt family’s maid, caring for their little girl, Mae Mobley. When she reluctantly collaborates with Skeeter, Aibileen finds herself opening up and telling her stories for the first time in her life even though the seemingly simple act brings with it the risk of retaliation and jail time. The maids had to believe that being a maid for very little pay was the way to get by in life. For most of them that was all they knew, their mom was a maid, grandma, sisters. Since most didn’t have the money to pay for school becoming a maid was the
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