The High Cost Of Cheap Labor

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The clothing manufacturing abilities and skills are really advanced and are still fairly cheaper than the United States fashion labels. With China’s production cost now starting to go up, American brands are starting to investigate other possibilities such as Vietnam, India, Indonesia and the United States also. Companies do offshore production because they believe that it is cheaper to make things in poorer countries. They feel that if you want lower prices you go overseas were they use cheap labor and if you want garments made of better quality, you should stay in the United States. But this is not entirely true, there’s certain kinds of clothing that are made in the U.S. of good quality at a very reasonable price and there’s other clothing that’s not.…show more content…
Cheap labor is viewed as one of the chief assets they can offer to entice investment by multinational companies, which creates jobs and provides capital for development. It is common for clothing companies to close and reopen in order to take advantage of new tax exemptions or to smother union-organizing efforts. Activists are demanding an end to the misuse of rights of workers in the factories that are producing the garments that are sold in stores. When successful, these strategies have led to improved workplace
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