The Hindu Belief System

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It is a sculpture of a lady with a head dress that’s standing in top of another woman’s shoulders. The Dancing Shiva is an important object in the Hindus religion. It’s important because the sculpture represents the blessing of the world and symbolizes that you should fear the world. Hinduism is a major religion and religious tradition of South Asia, the oldest worldwide religion, characterized by a belief in reincarnation with a large amount of gods and goddesses.

Many people take part in the Hindu belief system actually fifteen percent of the world to be exact; in fact approximately one billion people in the world practice Hinduism and that’s fifteen percent of the world’s population. This religion was created about five thousand years ago in India. This religion was so popular based on its polytheistic beliefs, which is the beliefs in many gods. They also would tend to make up new gods based on individual beliefs. Hindus also believed that that god is present everywhere. The social life of Hindus is replete with celebrations and festive occasions that allow them to come together as a community and celebrate their common culture. Here're some of the most popular Hindu festivals Diwali the Festival of Lights, and Holi the Festival of Colors. These festivals are very popular and are celebrated worldwide throughout the Hindus civilization ("Hinduism." World Mark).

The Hindus also developed…
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