The Hispanic Culture

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When looking at the Hispanic culture and some of its strengths, it is easy to see the role and influence that family has on those within the Hispanic community. In fact, it is often the influence and relationship between a child and their parents that makes a difference late into the childs life, and shapes every aspect from language, religion, and even traditions that have been passed down to the child from previous generations. Rojas, Grzywacz, Zapata Roblyer, Crain, and Cervantes (2013), discuss the term Familismo a Hispanic term utilized within the Spanish language to identify the importance of the family, and is a word used to demonstrate how important the family is within the Hispanic community. According to Rojas et al. (2013), the family is looked at as the primary unit of importance. This paper will be compromised of an observation of an 18-month Hispanic child and her parents in their home, and was an opportunity assess and observe the child and the interactions with her mother in their natural settings. All of the names used in this paper are pseudonyms, and all of the parties have signed a consent agreeing to take part in the observation and assessment.
Assessing the Relationship Between an Infant/Child and his/her Parents When looking at the beauty of the Hispanic culture it is easy to see and appreciate the many wonders that make up the culture and see how it has influenced so much in the United States. Food, music, and even language has changed the way

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