The Historical Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Stephanie Reyes

There has been a lot of historic events take place in the United States that made it

become the country we know today. The Salem Witch Trials were one of America’s well-known

events that occurred in the U.S... The Salem Witch Trials happened in 1692-1693 in Salem


The Salem Witch trials started when two girls named Abigail and Elizabeth had claimed that they had been possessed by the devil after an enslaved woman named Tituba had told them many voodoo stories. Abigail and Elizabeth had invite many other girls to listen to all of Tituba's stories. After these stories were told, the girls had spread rumors and accused many other women from the village of witchcraft. As the rumors were spreading around Salem, A special court was assembled to hear the cases. Tituba, the slave, had confessed to witchcraft, most likely to save herself from being killed, and receive a small conviction instead. When confessing, Tituba had told the judges that there had been more witches in the village. Tituba's rumors had spread around all of Massachusetts and had created chaos between everyone. Three people were accused and were taken to judges Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne. The first one to be accused was Bridget Bishop who was hung June 2 of 1692. Five more people were hung that July, five were hung in August, and eight in September.

Many people were accused during the Salem Witch Trials, and many of them died as

well. During the

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