The History Of Football

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The smell of hot dogs, popcorn and pizza linger through the air as the Wolverine's den fills up with faculty, family, and friends. As the other team runs off the battle field from practicing, the bright light turns on. It is about to go down, minutes become seconds. No one knows what could happen out there on the field. Bones could be broken, bodies will be thrown, and heads will be cracked. It all seems so unreal, yet one knows it is only a couple of minutes away from becoming reality. During those moments of realization, one hears the ringing sound of the coach's whistle, and the booming sound of his voice yelling "Let's Go!" Running out from under the den through the tunnel, hearing the crowd roar while the marching band plays "Go!…show more content…
The locker rooms maybe the first thing one may see but it is not the only thing that makes the La Vergne's stadium a noteworthy place. Secondly, the La Vergne stadium's atmosphere makes the stadium a remarkable place. Through the eyes of a football player, the atmosphere of the stadium shifts like the weather throughout the week. Starting with a typical Monday after a long day of school, collecting a heavy load of homework, the stadium is partly filled with campus life. Cheerleaders heading down to the track for their weekly run, cross country runners and JROTC Raiders zooming around the track and stadium, while football players working out in the weight lifting room. After an hour or so the stadium atmosphere dies down leaving the just the football players. In addition, not only does the atmosphere of the campus life on Monday changes but the atmosphere of the locker room changes as well. When walking into the locker room players cannot help but think of all that went down game night, and try to improve on it, if necessary. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the atmosphere is filled with anticipation and productivity for Friday night's game. The air thickens from the sweat and dedication of players practicing on the field. Suddenly, it is Thursday; the fastest day of the week. The stadium's atmosphere is loaded with suspense. Since it the last day of practice before game night, the bar
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