The History Of Gender Stereotyping

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II- The History of Gender Stereotyping Gender stereotypes are things that have been around for a very long time. But they are not always the same. Over time, they will change and evolve, either for better or for worse. The gender stereotypes in the past were very different than the ones that now revolve around people today. A stereotype that used to be for women was that they should wear dresses, cook and clean, raise the children, maintain a great figure, and remain pure. This is different than today’s stereotypes in many ways. The first way is that women today are not required to wear dresses, or are even always expected to wear them. Women have a choice. But in the past, that was part of the image of a woman. It was nearly a rule that women could not wear pants because then they would not be like other women. Another way the stereotypes were different was because women had to do all of the housework alone. The men were not expected to cook, clean, or always take care of their children. They were allowed to, but it was unheard of back then. So the way that women were expected to maintain things in the past is nothing like it is now. In the past, there were also different stereotypes for men. Men were expected to be in charge, work with their hands, and not raise their children as much as their mothers should. That is very different than what they are expected to do today. Now, women are in charge as much as men are. But in the past, men were seen as the dominant sex, so

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