The History Of My Great Grandfather

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The History of Me 1880. My history started in 1880; I wasn’t born yet obviously, although my great great grandfather was. Most of the interesting stories in my family come from my grandmother’s parents. In this report you will acquire knowledge about my background heritage and culture, ancestors, and a few interesting stories that come from them. In 1880 my great great grandfather, Jusef Peermahomed, was born. He was born somewhere in India. We think that he was born in Bhuj, but nobody is assured as it was a century ago. He married at around 20-22 years but again no one can give a guarantee about these dates and ages. He worked in a cargo ship that transferred merchandise and material from India, Mumbai formerly known as Bombay to Japan,…show more content…
From what I have heard, it was a young boy. Japanwala saved this boy’s life with the price of his health. His whole body was basically burnt and his back was completely scorched from the fire. When they got to Japan, the emperor from around the time of 1900 awarded him with whatever he asked for. He had his own mini business in the trade industry so he figured he can make it bigger and start his own full business. He asked for his own factory where he could store his cargo and a few large cargo ships so he could transport merchandise back and forth on his own without having to rent out a portion from his employer’s boat. The emperor also awarded him with a few balls made of pure gold and a gold décor plate with his name engraved onto it. Mr. Peermahomed eventually became a very rich and successful man who would be referred to as ‘king’ in Japan. This emperor was Emperor Meiji, who was a very humble and great man. My great, great grandfather died at a very early age because of a back disease due to the fire. He was around 45 years old and had 4 children, three boys and one girl. In fact, the one girl happened to be my grandmother’s mother, born in 1906 in Bombay. From Japanwala’s wealth, only a small inheritance was given to my grandma’s mom because it was considered that daughters only get half of what the sons get. From the three sons, the older two were mature and wise but the youngest was mischievous and spoilt and so he just spent
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