The History Of My Great Grandfather

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The History of Me
1880. My history started in 1880; I wasn’t born yet obviously, although my great great grandfather was. Most of the interesting stories in my family come from my grandmother’s parents. In this report you will acquire knowledge about my background heritage and culture, ancestors, and a few interesting stories that come from them.

In 1880 my great great grandfather, Jusef Peermahomed, was born. He was born somewhere in India. We think that he was born in Bhuj, but nobody is assured as it was a century ago. He married at around 20-22 years but again no one can give a guarantee about these dates and ages. He worked in a cargo ship that transferred merchandise and material from India, Mumbai formerly known as Bombay to Japan, and so he was referred to as Japanwala. The name was pronounced as japan- wa-la. In our language Gujarati, wala is a suffix that means that someone is associated with a specific task or activity. If a guy worked in the market he would be called marketwala. Anyways, he was appointed to work on a boat either for loading and unloading, cargos or management. He was a very intellectual man and therefore saw that this was great business. He asked his employer if he could bring some of his own merchandise for a small fee. So he basically rented out a vey tiny portion of the ship for his own commerce.

And then it happened. One day he was on the boat going from Bombay, when the boat caught on fire. We are ambivalent as to whom, but Japanwala…

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