Essay about The History and Development of Dennisport

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If you're like many of our customers, you've been coming to Dennisport for years. Whether your parents brought you, a friend got married here or you stumbled onto our sandy shores one fateful night, Dennisport has a way of hooking you in and bringing you back. In the grand scheme of things, the tourism era of Dennisport's history started relatively recently, but the part of town between Route 28 and Nantucket Sound has a rich history dating back to the colonial era.

The first settlers descended on the land that was to become Dennis and Dennis Port in 1639. As a matter of background, the land that is now Dennis was selected not for its proximity to the ocean, but for its abundance of fresh water ponds and springs. It is estimated …show more content…

In an odd quirk of history, Dennis was the one of the first towns in America to manufacture salt! By 1803, there were 24 different salt works operating in town, with vats totaling more than 19,500 running feet.

After the War, fishing became the dominant industry of the town, and the Dennisport area benefited greatly. By virtue of its location on Nantucket Sound, Dennisport hauled ashore thousands of tons through the 1800s. You can see this seafaring lineage in the architecture of many of the houses along Chase Ave, Depot Street and other surrounding roads. The "widow's walks" and cupolas along the roofs once served a purpose other than enjoying a cocktail while drinking in a sunset - they were lookouts for sea captain's and sailors' wives to watch for the return of their loved ones. Our Admiral's house was once actually home to a sea captain, and we've incorporated many of these design features into the Captain's and Commodore's houses. At one point, the fishing fleet of Dennis brought in almost 7,000 tons of fish annually, a staggering number for the 18th and 19th centuries.

The completion of the Cape Cod Central Railroad was the first truly transformative event in the village's history. The Cape Cod Branch Railroad, later the Cape Cod Central Railroad and the Old Colony Railroad, reached the village somewhere around 1863-65, with the "South Dennis" and later the "Bass River" stations opening on Great Western Road and

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