Essay about The History and Practice of Buddhism (Mahayana Sect)

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The religion Buddhism came from Buddha’ meaning to awaken. 300 million people around the world are practitioners of Buddhism. In the United States, about one million people serve one form of Buddhism. From Indian, China, Japan, Russia to the United States have practitioners of Buddhism. Siddhartha Gotama known as Buddha was the creator of Buddhism some 2,500 year ago in India. Buddha taught his followers a philosophy teaching a way of life not just a religion. Buddha also taught followers: have a spiritual life, to stay mindful and aware of thinking paths gain, and achieve wisdom and understanding of one physical and spiritual life.
History of Buddhism Buddha was born in 563BC to a royal family in the land call Lumbini, India. …show more content…

He or she will suffer if one expects people to conform to he or she convictions of right or wrong reasoning. If we want people to like us, we must not conform to convictions. Craving or distaste will lead to physical suffering because it causes to us to reborn. Craving, want, or distaste he or she will not gain guarantee happiness.
Third truth, he or she can overcome suffering and gain happiness, contentment maybe possible here on earth. If he or she give up materials craving, and live one day at a time and do not worry about what he or she had or have in any form of material possessions. This is the Nirvana.

Noble 8-fold Path
The Buddhist believe the noble 8-fold path is spirtual concerning what he or she will say, do live, and speak to others. He or she is fully aware of daily thoughts, actions and by developing compassion for other until death. Continue to develop wisdom by understanding the beliefs of the four noble truths.
Buddha’s teaching during first centauries BC was a development of the S`ramana movement to seek happiness for practitioners. Buddhist teaching is not a branch of Hinduism, but Hinduism has influences on Buddhism. Any human being here can understand and accept Buddhism teachings on earth.

Mayhayana Mayhayana (great vehicle) this form of Buddhism became prominent during the reign Kanishka who rule India during the first centuries BC and AD. The Mayhayana movement made

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