The History and Production of Yummy Jelly Beans Essay

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Jelly Beans
Around the world small, sweet, sugar filled candies bring enjoyment to those who consume them. What are these tiny, pleasure inducing sweets? The answer is jelly beans. Jelly beans are produced in numerous varieties and flavors; therefore, their story is just as diverse and colorful as they are.

The History of Jelly Beans Initially, the first jelly bean was created in the early 1800s by an unknown American candy maker. However, one can trace back the beginnings of their production process to 17th century France. The French made Jordan Almonds, sugar glazed almonds, by a process called panning, which is now used to make the hard-sugar coating on jelly beans. Panning is the rocking of a desired item in a container filled with …show more content…

Then the trays are coated with a light layer of cornstarch, which is then left to dry overnight. The next day, the cornstarch layer is removed, the middles are put through a moisture steam bath, and are finally sprayed with sugar and left to sit for another twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Next, is the panning process where the centers of the bean are set in a rotating drum, called an engrossing pan. While the center is rotating, sugar is added gradually to build the hard outer shell. During this time, colors and flavors are also added to get the unique look and taste of the bean. Once finished, confectioner’s glaze is added to give the beans a shiny, smooth, and silky appearance. After the beans have been ‘polished’ (a process that can take two to four days) they are ready to be shipped to companies and stores. Overall, the whole process can take between seven to twenty-one days depending on the manufacturer. Consumers can find jelly beans in most candy shops, mini-marts, and grocery stores. If interested in specifically buying Jelly Belly brand, consumers can go to the Jelly Belly website to make their specialized orders.

Flavors To begin with, there were only a few flavors of jelly beans; however, today there are many brands all with their own unique renditions on numerous flavors. The Jelly Belly Company is known for its wide and unusual range of flavors. Their most popular has changed throughout the years, but Very Cherry

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