The History and Use of Clippers

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Clipper cuts Clippers were invented October 14, 1919, by Leo J. Wahl. In 1911, Leo was experimenting with a vibrating electric motor. He went to a engineering school at university of Illinois. First he started out buy making massagers and selling them to barbers. In 1919, he created the electric clipper, he created at the manufactory company. One year later he was selling thousands of clipper to barbers all over the world. He later created hair dryer, shears, shears sharpener, curling brushes and clipper attachments. He was very successful at creating tools. In 1921, Leo changed the name of the "Wahl manufactory company " to "Wahl clipper corporation". In 1950, Leo opened its manufacturing facility in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In 1957, Leo j passed away. In 1960's the electric razor was invented. Also a hair hair clipper vacuum was invented, it was a clipper with a hair pick up attached. 1967, the first cordless rechargeable battery for a hair trimmer was invented . In 2001, "Trim N Vac" the first beard and moustache trimmer that collects the trimmings using vacuum was also invented. There motto was ; "Neat Beard - Clean Sink it was one of the most successful items sold. In 2009, was the 90th anniversary of home grooming products. Today Wahl clipper company employs over 2,000 worldwide in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Spain and the United States. Wahl products are
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