The History of Stock Markets

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The history of stock markets goes back to the 12th century France where the debts of communities were managed by courretiers de change on behalf of local banks. They were essentially the first brokers.
Trade of government securities was initiated by venetian bankers in the 13th century. It was illegal to spread rumours that would have an effect on the price of government securities. Such trace was only possible due to the fact that these areas were run by a cabinet of authoritative civilians rather than a duke. This practice was followed by companies in England and other countries in the 16th century.
Today there are stock markets at practically every developed economy with the major markets being in the United Kingdom, United States, India, china, Canada, Germany, France, South Korea and the Deutschland.
A stock market is a conglomerate of buyers and sellers wherein stocks are listed and traded. These stocks can be described as securities which are listed in a stock exchange along with privately traded securities. Stock markets are institutions of corporations which focus on bringing the buyers and sellers of organizations on one domain.
The main players in this market include individual traders, financial corporations (banks, hedge funds and insurance companies etc) and corporations trading within their own stocks.
Only a few decades ago, stock markets were discarded as insignificant with little importance in an economy, but recently have boomed into powerful

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