The History of the Great Plague Essay

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The Great Plague was one of the most destructive diseases ever in the history of mankind. This Plague spread through China and eventually made its way to Europe and killed around 50 million people. During this time the Great Plague dominated and brought the worst out of people. This pestilence started in Europe during the 14th century. Around this time period the population was growing rapidly and the food supply was scarce due the severe weather. Winters were especially cold and very dry because of the extreme weather. (History
Even though scholars say it is unclear actually where the Black Plague started but many of them believe the outbreak of this Great Mortality started in Mongolia in the later 1320s. From there they believe this disease spread into China and some parts of Asia. By 1347 this epidemic killed an estimated twenty five million people in China, India and parts of Asia.( Life during the Black Plague) One of the first signs of this disaster in Europe was in Messina, Sicily in 1347. This lethal epidemic arrived on trading ships that traveled through the Black and the Mediterranean Sea.“ This was a very standard trade route that brought things like silk and porcelain to European customers. These items were carried over land and through the Black Sea and came from as far away as China.” (Black Death 1347 When the ships arrived at the Sicilian port of Messina after there long journey most of the sailors were extremely sick or dead. Their…