The History of the Great Plague Essay

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The Great Plague was one of the most destructive diseases ever in the history of mankind. This Plague spread through China and eventually made its way to Europe and killed around 50 million people. During this time the Great Plague dominated and brought the worst out of people. This pestilence started in Europe during the 14th century. Around this time period the population was growing rapidly and the food supply was scarce due the severe weather. Winters were especially cold and very dry because of the extreme weather. (History Even though scholars say it is unclear actually where the Black Plague started but many of them believe the outbreak of this Great Mortality started in Mongolia in the later 1320s. From there they …show more content…

These rats were called house or ship rats. They are different then the grey or brown rat because they like to be close to people. It usually took around fourteen days to kill off the infected rats that were living in the colonies. These rats carried around flies so when the rats died the fleas had to find another source or warm body to survive. So it was the fleas that actually were the one spreading around this infectious disease. These fleas were very adaptable to finding different location to survive. They were much different than human fleas because they would get invested in the house and the clothing of the people, they could also live on humans. This is one of the reasons why the plague spread so quickly. The flea population expanded in warmer weather and tended to die off in the winter when it got really cold. By the summer of 1348 this fatal epidemic had spread across most of Europe, from there the Black Death devastated a lot of the countries that were below France, like Belgium and the Netherlands. There had never been anything like this; humans were terrorized and shocked by all this drama and massive scale of death that was happening. ( History As the plague was spreading rapidly through Europe many government official ordered to isolate the sick. Plague victims were put in special hospitals and buildings where they were kept apart from the people in society that were uninfected. Some city authorities took extreme measures trapping

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