The Hobbit : The Characteristics Of Heroes In Literary Fiction

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Where would we be without heroes in fiction? What would we have left? No Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, Superman, Sir Lancelot, or Captain Ahab. Name a work of fiction that does not revolve around or at least include a hero of some caliber. Ask yourself what stories could we still enjoy without the greatest characters of literary history. We as people have shown time and time again that nothing can beat our love for heroes, they have a special place in our hearts rivaled only by their associated villains. Without them most stories just wouldn't be the same. The Hobbit is a perfect example of the importance of heroism in literary fiction.

Bilbo Baggins is by no means a typical hero. Heroes are usually portrayed as being tall and handsome. Bilbo is a halfling, therefore he is short and portly with hairy feet. Heroes are warriors and their courage is apparent. Bilbo lives in a cozy hole in the ground spending his time blowing smoke rings and eating more than three meals a day. Heroes are also normally viewed as fearless and good at fighting, while Bilbo has never used a weapon before the events of The Hobbit, and is afraid of the very idea of leaving his home of Hobbiton. When you compare Bilbo to someone like Superman the differences are obvious. They are two very different characters, and yet they are both heroes. Bilbo is undeniably very unusual when compared to the stereotypical archetype of a hero that I described earlier. However, those qualifiers that I listed, while

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