The Hockey Of The Nhl

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Women in the NHL There is this sport that you skate around on ice and try to get points by hitting a puck into the other team 's goal with a stick. It’s one of the most popular sports in the world. The profession team is called the National Hockey League (NHL), where there are over 25 teams in the league. This sport is really rough and competitive, it’s mostly a men 's sport. If women were to play in the NHL they would be a huge role model. They have women hockey leagues, but they don’t have any professional team other than the Olympics team. Women today are achieving so many things that will go down in history. They would also be sending out a message, that girls can do anything they put their mind to. Everyone remembers their first ever baseball game or basketball game, mine was hockey. We used to go over to Canada and watch one of our family friends play hockey for his high school team, and they just took my attention away from everything. The way they skated was just mesmerizing, they were so fluent and graceful. Looking back my first ever NHL game three years ago in Tampa, they were playing the Boston Bruins, and just remembering the way it felt when you sat down and took it all in was quite an experience. It was one of the best feelings, and everytime you go to a game it will always feel the same way. Hockey isn’t just a sport to me, it’s like a lifestyle.
Recently they just announced that Sarah Thomas will be the first full-time referee in the NFL (Thomas,…

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