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Women in the NHL There is this sport that you skate around on ice and try to get points by hitting a puck into the other team 's goal with a stick. It’s one of the most popular sports in the world. The profession team is called the National Hockey League (NHL), where there are over 25 teams in the league. This sport is really rough and competitive, it’s mostly a men 's sport. If women were to play in the NHL they would be a huge role model. They have women hockey leagues, but they don’t have any professional team other than the Olympics team. Women today are achieving so many things that will go down in history. They would also be sending out a message, that girls can do anything they put their mind to. Everyone remembers their first …show more content…

As a sport industry women are just beginning, and that means we will be seeing more women entering the sport field. Jen Welter, is now the first female coach in NFL history, she will be the coach of the inside linebackers for the Arizona Cardinals (Nichols,2015). Women are starting to make their appearance, but it’s a real struggle. These women are helping shape the game by being coaches, but what about them playing. Especially with hockey, since it’s a fast paced game, with a lot of roughhousing and really big guys. For women to enter the NHL they are going to have to be ready for a challenge. It would make us have a different outlook on the way the game is played. There have been a few females to play in professional hockey, just not in a full season with an NHL team. Women are becoming a big part of the sport industry. We see women being fans, coaches, executives, etc. The advancement of women often stop just below the general management level. The closest someone has ever gotten is an assistant general manager. Her name is Kim Ng, she worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers and reached the postseason eight times, the LCS six times and won three World Championships. She had been worked in that position for 12 seasons with the team. Prior to joining the Dodgers, Kim Ng served as Vice President and Assistant General Manager for the New York Yankees (Colletti, 2014). She is currently the Senior Vice-President for Baseball Operations with Major League Baseball and the highest

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