The Holocaust Was A Mass Murder

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The Holocaust was a mass murder in which about six million Jews were murdered under the command of Adolf Hitler. This took place throughout German occupied territories from 1939 to 1945. Before taken to concentration and death camps, Jews were placed into ghettos, which were set up in order to confine and segregate them into small towns or cities. The main notion for this action was to dehumanize the Jews and to rid them of the human population. If Adolf Hitler had not come up with the idea of placing Jews into ghettos, then the Holocaust would not have been violent as it was. Jakob the Liar is set in Poland of 1944, and a Jewish man is caught outside after curfew. Because of this, he was then shipped to the ghetto headquarters. While waiting for a German officer, he overhears a forbidden radio broadcast about Russian troops planning a fluctuation. Once within the ghetto, he shares the new information with a confident, but a rumor is soon spread across the ghetto saying there is a secret radio inside the ghetto. Eventually, there is a new sense of hope in the ghetto and he realizes it helps everybody get through the day knowing there is a chance of being liberated. When German troops find out of these rumors, they become sure there is a Jew who has secret communication hidden somewhere, and are determined to find out who and what. The movie Jakob the Liar relates to my topic in many ways. In this film, many events occurred throughout that has dealt with how the ghetto
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