The Hook Shot Essay

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The Hook Shot

It was my junior year and football season was over. We had won the state championship. It was time to relax and enjoy basketball season. Basketball season was always a fun time. I was a grade younger than most of my friends who were on the team. I was always the kid that was brought up to sit on the bench or be the sixth man. I never really got too much playing time, however, sometimes if there was a big man on the other team, or some sort of foul trouble for one of the seniors, I would get in. I had been playing with these same kids since the 6th grade. My role on the team had been the same all the way up to this point. That was ok with me. What I really enjoyed though were all the trips and tournaments and just hanging …show more content…

Finally, around 4:30 we headed out. We stopped to get something to eat then went to America West Arena. We walked around a little bit and tried to hit on a few girls then it was time to go to the locker rooms. We were all happy to be escorted down to the locker room by security. We felt very official. Once in the locker rooms, we were all very excited. I did my usual pre-game routine, running around in my underwear and just being stupid, reciting the Under Armor commercial “WILL YOU PROTECT THIS HOUSE ?!?! I WILL, I WILL.”

As I was walking around, Clark one of my team mates and usually the one that egged me on to do all the stuff I did, asked me, “Hey you gonna do it?” “Yea, maybe” I said almost laughing.

“Yea, Bobby you should do it, Come on.” Talmage, one of my good friends, and quarterback of the football team butted in. “And oh yea don’t forget your ring.” He added.

We had planned to wear our state champion football rings during warm ups and on the bench, just to show off.

I stood at the front of the locker room cleared my throat like I was about to say something important and said, “Well ladies and Gentlemen if I get in, which means we’ll be winning by a lot, I will do the hook shot.”

Everyone started laughing and yelling. All season I had joked around in practice and in some games about doing a hook shot. Not just any hook shoot but a sky hook, something Kareem Abdul Jarbar would do. The shot has been extinct since

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