The Horrific Treatment Of Aboriginal Women Essay

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In Canadian histories classes, the birth of Canada as a country is taught as a glorious experience for Europeans. What is not taught, however, is the mistreatment of Aboriginal peoples who retreated here for many years prior to the Europeans. This mistreatment was especially hurtful to women of aboriginal cultures. This essay will discuss the horrific treatment of Aboriginal women by removing their statuses and rights as Aboriginal peoples. It will discuss ways in which colonists took away their rights, followed by the impacts this mistreatment had both immediately and even now. This essay will then mention the restitution Aboriginal women have been given, followed by implications for my role as a social worker. Actions Taken by Colonists In many, if not all aboriginal cultures, men and women were considered equal and made equal contributions to society. (justice4aboriginalwoman 2012) Not only this, but many communities were developed on a matrilineal basis (Lawrence, 2004, p. 288). When the Europeans came into Canada, they came with a different ideal for women. They believed that women did not have rights nor did they deserve a say in the making of decisions. So when the colonists came to Canada they only wanted to deal with the men in charge and wanted to remove women from power. In an article by Lawrence, she states that “removing women, then, was the key to privatizing the land base…a central aspect of the colonization process in Canada would be to break the power of
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