The Horrifying Shower Scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Film, Psycho

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In this essay I will be doing a close analysis on the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, 1960. I will be looking at the mise-en-scène, performance, cinematography, editing, and the manipulation of sound. I will also be looking at themes that are explored in the film and what messages they convey to the audience. I will be using some theories to help analyze this particular sequence. At the beginning of the clip we can see the Marion flushing pieces of paper down the toilet in a close up shot. Diegetic sound of the flushing is used. The close up reveals that the pieces of paper were a key prop in the film and the audience is left wondering why the Marion has disposed the paper. This suggests that Hitchcock has used a red herring because the audience may assume she has done this because the paper may have had evidence that would prove that she is guilty of something. This also creates an enigma because we suspect that she has a secret hat she is keeping. Enigmas and red herrings are usually found in thriller films to create mystery and tension. The Sound before the Marion get’s into the shower is very quiet as we only hear non-diegetic music that slowly builds up to frightening slow pace music which creates tension for the audience as it notifies us that something is about to happen. When the scene moves to Marion being in the shower the music stops and you can just hear the sound of the shower when it comes on. We can see that the shower curtains are

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