The Horse Dealer's Daughter Analysis

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Last Thursday, as we were out at a restaurant eating dinner we discussed D.H. Lawrence’s short story “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter.” We talked about Mabel and her family’s past and their present situations. Surprisingly, you mention to me that you did not understand why Mabel attempts suicide. This statement shocked me since I could think of multiple reasons that led Mabel to attempt suicide. Throughout the short story Lawrence gave clues and reasons to why she attempts suicide. Mabel attempts suicide for the following reasons: To feel closer to her mother, bankruptcy after her father’s death, and because she feels unloved.
One reason Mabel attempts suicide is to feel close to her mother and be with her again. Once her mother had died, …show more content…

Lawrence explains Mabel’s thoughts on how having money made her feel secure and happy. Also, how no longer having money she no longer feels secure as follows:
For months, Mabel had been [sic]servantless in the big house, keeping the home together in penury for her ineffectual brothers. She had kept house for ten years. But previously, it was with unstinted means. Then, however brutal and coarse everything was, the sense of money had kept her proud, confident. The men might be fouled-mouthed, the women in the kitchen might have bad reputations, her brothers might have illegitimate children. But so long as there was money, the girl felt herself established, and brutally proud, reserved. (Lawrence 4)
The earlier quote shows how money and housekeeping has kept Mabel satisfied with her life. Now that her father has died Mabel and her family has gone bankrupt and will lose their money and their home. Lawrence notes, “Now he was dead and everything was gone to the dogs, there was nothing but debt and threatening” (4). Furthermore, Mabel has lost everything that makes her feel secure, established, proud, happy, and confident. Yes, indeed, Mabel attempts suicide because her family’s bankruptcy caused her unhappiness.
Once Mabel’s mother had died Mabel began to feel unloved. In effect of her mother’s passing her father remarried, causing the loving relationship between her and her father to disappear. Consequently, leaving Mabel feeling alone and unloved by her

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