The Hot Topic of the Immigration Issue Essay examples

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Immigrants built America into the country it is today. Some were fleeing persecution in their own countries. The immigrants came as free individuals, indentured servants, or slaves. Most came here to pursue a better life. America welcomed those individuals, and it has a process in place for those wishing to gain legal citizenship. The immigration issue is a hot topic in the United States today and concerns individuals who are entering the country illegally. Our representatives are proposing new laws to limit access to our country through other than legal means. There are strong feelings on each side.
The opponents to “illegal” immigration believe that the cost to Americans is too high. According to this group, the “undocumented” …show more content…

They are reaping the benefits, without paying the price required by our laws. We are even providing access to government and private industry information in a language, other than English, for this segment of individuals. In past times, immigrants transacted business and interactions outside the family in English, the language of our Country. Today, people who translate Spanish are highly sought after in government and the private sector. If you enter a hospital, there will be someone to interpret for you, or the forms will be in Spanish. If you enter a fast food restaurant, the “wet floor” signs are in English and Spanish. At no time in our history have these concessions been made to other immigrants. The proponents to accepting these illegal immigrants and granting them citizenship believe that the undocumented workers provide a vital asset to our nation’s economy. Bardow suggests that many immigrants help to create jobs and drive innovation. According to employers with entry-level positions, the American labor force is unwilling to work at those positions. Nor, will they accept the salaries paid to undocumented workers. Proponents are also sympathetic to the quality of life the immigrants are experiencing in their home countries, the costs they must incur to reach our country, and the contributions these workers are making in our homes and businesses. An article in Pro/Con states that although “the wages for low-skilled worker go down’, but ‘the rest

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