The Hualapai Tribe

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The Hualapai Tribe The Hualapai people are a tribe of Native Americans that are currently living in northwestern Arizona. The name Hualapai means “People of the Tall Pines”(“About Hualapai”). These people have a rich history that is passed on by oral tradition. These people have influences in hunting (“About Hualapai”). Through history, these people have not lost their culture and traditions.
The oral history of these people talk about how groups or bands of people were entrusted to care for the environment and resources within their ancestral territory (About The Hualapai Nation, 22). They are descendants of a group called the Cerbat (“Hualapai Tribe”). The tribe’s ancestral territory estimated to be about five million acres (About The Hualapai …show more content…

Traditions are often taught through hunting and gathering, song and oration, and environmental stewardship (About The Hualapai Nation, 4). Depending on the time, Hualapai will go to upper or lower regions of their land to hunt. Migration traditions help preserve and pass on cultural truths and lessons that connect Hualapai to their elders, community, lands, past, present, and future (About The Hualapai Nation, 4-5). Hualapai are deeply connected with nature and believe they are connected to the Colorado River, which they call Ha’yiđađa (About The Hualapai Nation, 6). They believe that they were created from the sediment and clay from the River (About The Hualapai Nation, 6). Elements around and in the canyon all hold deep symbolic meanings (About The Hualapai Nation, 6). The people seek to preserve and protect the land of their …show more content…

Fight broke out between the natives and settlers, and government intervention caused is major disrupt in Hualapai life. In 1874, the government removed the Hualapai from their homes and into a new area (About The Hualapai Nation, 18). Though they could return to their homes a year after this, their land was occupied by ranchers (About The Hualapai Nation, 19). They quickly discovered that this was not the only thing that had changed; the environment that their ancestors had worked hard to preserve had been altered. Through the efforts of the elders, Hualapai became a new legal identity and had some of their land returned. This tribe survived many obstacles that changed and disrupted their lifestyle, and yet they are still here and

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