The Human Form Of Jesus

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With the knowledge that the human form was fit for Jesus, now the focus can shift to the evidence that he was human and his human form was humanizing. Jesus lived a life on earth and suffered like every other person does. As mentioned previously, Jesus experienced temptation by the Devil as seen in Matthew 4. He experienced hunger as seen in Mark 11:12. He experienced weariness as seen in John 4:6, “So Jesus, wearied as he was from his journey, was sitting beside the well” (). He experienced sorrow many times as seen when Lazarus died in John 11 and several other places. He also experience pain and suffering on the cross and he died just as everyone on earth does as well. By every standard Jesus was a human being. He lived and died as everyone else on this planet does. His humanity was humanizing. He was a human being and demonstrated all the characteristics of being one. The only difference is that he was able to live a life without sin. So Jesus’ human nature was in no way dehumanizing; he exhibited every characteristic that humans face and conquered every struggle. Even though Christ lived a perfect life as a man, Christians cannot even attempt to do the same. While on earth, Jesus fulfilled the law, meaning he never broke it, conquered every temptation, and never succumbed to one sin. He outlined the perfect life of a Christian. Romans three clearly states that every human is fallen and sinful, which shows that no matter what, at the end of the day every person,…
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