The Human Gene Therapy

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Gene therapy is a technique that uses new genes to treat or prevent disease by replacing or adding new effective genes. This technique is aimed to allow doctors to treat genetic disorders without the prescribing drugs or scheduling surgery to correct the disorder. Gene therapy isn’t a fully effective method as of today. It is still undergoing tests. Several of the most common tests include introducing a new gene into the body to fight against a disease or disorder, replacing a mutated gene with a healthy gene, and removing a mutated gene in the body that is not functioning as it should be. Gene therapy is seen to be a fair treatment to diseases or disorders that have no other form of cure. It is sometimes used for inherited disorders, certain viral infections, and certain cancers. But Gene Therapy is not a certain option for treatment as of today. It is still under study as success rates are low. Genetic disorders affect one out ten people. Symptoms vary with each disease or disorder as some can appear early in a person’s life, while others appear at an older age. Genetic disorders cannot be prevented as they are passed on through a family’s genes and is within the DNA unlike a regular disease is caused by bacteria or a virus. There are two possible ways a genetic disorder can be passed on to the offspring, or child. One way is caused by dominant genes in which only one gene is altered resulting in the disorder or disease. The second way is caused by recessive genes in

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