The Human Race : A Great Deal Over The Course Of Recent History Essay

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Abstract The human race has advanced a great deal over the course of recent history, particularly so since the 18th century. Countless of these developments in society can be attributed to the achievements of engineers - however, despite this, many do not realise their contribution and importance. One of the fundamental bases behind these engineering feats is the harnessing of energy sources, such as electrical and heat energy. This has allowed for many innovations, for example power stations, transportation, communications and computers, which have all become critical to society and the modern world in which we live. 1 – Introduction It is almost impossible, today, to look around you and not see the products of engineering, pretty much regardless of where one may be. In this way, advancements in engineering and its various branches have clearly allowed humanity to develop in immeasurable ways or this would not be the case (Frank C. Whitmore, 1979). However, those who do not have much knowledge of the background processes behind this infrastructure may not realise its impact as deeply or may not realise the impact of engineering at all - despite modern society’s fundamental dependence upon it (National Academy of Engineering, 2001). One of the most important aspects of the development of engineering is the harnessing of different energy sources and the world, today, is highly reliant upon this (Narendra Singh Rathore, 2007). This report will endeavour to
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