The Human Race Essay

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Bonobos are the most closely relates species to the human race, yet the general public knows little about them. The minimal knowledge of these apes’ existence may be due to the fact that they inhabit only specific regions in the Congo, and are not naturally seen anywhere else in the world. Only in recent years have scientists and researchers even begun diving into their world, or unique behavior and psychology. Their collective importance to the eco system, interactions with one another, how they solve problems, and how these actions differ from other monkeys and apes in the wild are just a few characteristics that make the Bonobo special. Unfortunately, significance itself has not saved these primates from being a part of the scientific endangered list. Human impact, capture and slaughter for commercial bushmeat sale, war, deforestation, and poverty all play a role in their demise. Although their current status is not favorable, research and conservation efforts bring hope for their future.
Bonobos have pink lips and black faces, and black hair that parts down the center of their heads, covering part of their ears. When compared to other primates, they flaunt noticeably smaller head and ears, a flatter face and a less prominent brow ridge. They are considered omnivorous frugivores, as over 50% of their diet consists of fruit. The rest of their diet is supplemented with leaves, honey, and occasional insects, larvae, earthworms, eggs or even small mammals. While they do…

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