The Human Right Of Literacy Essay

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In 2015, UNESCO Institute for Statistics reported that there are 774 million illiterate adults and 123 million illiterate children in the world today. Two-thirds of all illiterate adults and children are female. Why is this an issue? As the world’s technologies and innovations have advanced, the ability to read and write has become a means of survival. Today, 135 countries around the world provide a non-discriminating education for all. In the developing world, literacy is now recognized as a human right. When a person is denied that right, injustice is manifested. The millions of illiterate adults and children living in our world today are not only being denied educational opportunities, they are being denied the basic human right of literacy. Nine out of the top ten illiterate countries in the world are in Africa. Burkina Faso, in West Sub-Sahara, is the single most illiterate country in the world. Unfortunately, little to no changes in literacy rates have occurred for the past several decades in Burkina Faso, or in the many African countries with high illiteracy rates. Without the ability to read and write, people become trapped in a cycle of poverty, inequality and unstable and poorly paid jobs. Without the ability to read and write, women and children lose their voice in a male dominated, corrupt government, conservative culture. Without the ability to read and right, a greater division is made between developing and under-developing countries. Without the ability to
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