The Human Soul Essay

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a novel written to have an in-depth examination of the human soul. Nietzsche wrote this book with the intent to reach out to those who were open to understanding how to turn their soul inside out to overcome themselves and the human nature instilled into them. Although Zarathustra was quite a short passage within the book that directly spoke to this concept, Nietzsche’s entire book alludes to this message of evolving through transcendence. In this passage, he states that, “all beings so far have created something beyond themselves (Nietzsche, 124)” and then goes on to imply that just like an ape must overcome itself to become a human being, an individual must now overcome themselves to become the overman (Nietzsche, 125). He takes the stance of mocking mankind for its failure to continue evolving. Nietzsche’s concept of the overman answers the problem of nihilism. He demonstrates how God does not exist, and thus the overman acts as their own God, which inherently provides morality and values for themselves as they see fit. Since the overman is an independent individual, they are not a slave or a master and they do not force their beliefs onto others. Their freedom allows them to block out herd mentality and gives them the power to master self discipline. For this reason, Nietzsche depicts the overman as the next step in the evolution of humans. The overman does not believe in a higher power, and therefore believes that the meaning of life is that
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