The Human Spirit In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Easily the biggest argument throughout the novel is in countering the question on whether the monster has a spirit or not. And honestly it is easy to argue with side of it, but it is pretty easy to go ahead and just say no. Due to the fact that once dead your spirit is ascended out of your body and goes wherever you may believe (insert religion here). There is just honestly no way that this monster rule had his human spirit inside of hm while casing all of the terror he did throughout the novel. If he still had his spirit intact he also would have encountered his conscience when going to kill his first victim. But instead he did so without missing a beat out of pure anger. But one can also argue the fact that many humans all throughout the history of the world have been killers and have never thought that they were doing wrong either. And it being a very good point one can argue the fact that maybe the soul that was obtained by the monster by chance just so happened to be very troubled. And it being a very logical argument ether way it is hard to pin point the correct answer. And honestly no one will ever be able to come up with the correct answer in the simple fact that the author of the novel is dead and has been for a very long time. Maybe if scholars back then had asked the question we all want to ask now in the 21st century we could have a deeper understanding of what Mary Shelley though herself and wanted us to fell. But as well as she may have left these questions unanswered for the exact purpose of everyone to interpret the story of the monster in their own unique way.…show more content…
Throughout the novel you can see how even though the monster is a science experiment in the beginning he evolves naturally into a human-like creature. Even though created to be nothing more than a possession, the monster made a life worth living all on his
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