The Human Trafficking Business Is Thriving

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In 2004, it was estimated by South Africa’s Independent Newspapers that “Every year nearly 900,000 people are smuggled across borders to become sex slaves, child labourers and illegal organ donors, with 75 percent of them going through Africa.” First, there are millions of children forced into agricultural labor, marriages, and becoming child soldiers. Also, there are many horrible reasons why the human trafficking business is thriving. Lastly, the effects that trafficking has on its victims. In the early years of 1870 until 1900, Africa was plagued with European settlers that destroyed their country and culture with slave trading and completely controlling the movement of their victims, that sparked what is still happening today, modern day slavery, while the governments from all around the world sits idly by. Victims of human trafficking are nicknamed ‘modern day slaves.’ Millions of little girls and boy are lured away from their home with promise of a better life. Some young girls are tricked by older men that whisper sweet-nothings into their ears and make them feel loved. Others are just simply taken and trafficked into central Africa. Sometimes families become so desperate to pay their debts, they will sell their young girls to traffickers and brothel owners. These girls of minor age will then be forced to perform unspeakable acts onto older men in exchange for money, which goes straight to their traffickers and families. Some kids will become beggars and will be

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