Essay On Starving Children

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Eliminating Hunger in the Community Children in America should not have to be starving in America, instead, they should be helped to fulfill their hunger. In order to support them, we must first understand what kind of situation they are in. Our thoughts include, what kind of lifestyle they have been having, what kind of condition they are in, and if they are in need of our help. In order to make America a better place, we propose to stop the suffering of mass populations. Feed My Starving Children will be the community service program that we will be attending. Here, we can be able to cook a lot of food for each children that come in. In return, we will have a lot of experience in helping the community and also gain a solid relationship with our small group members. Furthermore, we also gain a fun experience in cooking too, where we can use this skill in the future for ourselves. This is due to the fact that we are all engaged in striving for a similar goal, to eliminate starvation in children. The organization we are working with is as stated above, “Feed My Starving Children.” This volunteering location takes place in Mesa, Arizona at Mesa Fiesta Building on 1345 South Alma School Road. The times we will be there is around 9:00-11:00 a.m on February 13, 2016 in order to cook for the children and serve the meals to them. However, we realize that we must fulfill the three hours of volunteer work at this location. Therefore, we will come earlier in order to help them set

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