The Vampires Are Now A Metaphor Of Human Beings

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As one of the most attractive and enduring figures in the Gothic literature, the vampires have moved from being a peripheral element with the genre to a place near the center and are capable of generating its own massive tradition now. In the recent literary history, they have already been adapted to play a role of a rebel against the moral, social, religious, and even sexual taboos. Put simply, the vampires are now a metaphor of human beings in the modern society and life.
With the publication and popularity of The Vampire Chronicles, especially that of Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice innovates the Gothic tradition in the western literature successfully, for comparatively speaking, the vampires in her novels are more sympathetic and humanized than the terrible and emotionless monsters before. As it is said by both Jan Gordon and Veronica Hollinger, the vampires also stand for some border anxieties, since they penetrate boundaries by their own special and complicated nature, that is to say, between life and death, between love and fear, between power and persecution. Furthermore, sensitive to the social issues very much, Anne Rice expresses the sentimental feelings of the vampires in great detail and by exquisite words and describes vividly the existing state of the outsiders of the modern times as well. Therefore, in the case of Interview with the Vampire, there is a quite highly rational and philosophical probe into the life and the existence of human beings.

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