The Hunting Ground Analysis

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The Hunting Ground was a very emotional video that highlights a very important issue in our country that most people are not aware of. When it comes to sexual violence, college campuses are more focused on protecting the attacker rather than the victim. What shocked me the most in this film was that most of the faculty members the victims went to seek help from were females, yet the victims were still blamed for their rape. One administrator from UNC at Chapel Hill told a victim “rape is like a football game” meaning that if you look back to that day, what would you have done differently to prevent the rape. Victims who report rapes to university faculties are often questioned about the clothes they wore that day, how much alcohol they had to drink if they said no to the perpetrator, how many times did they said no, etc. Ryan Clifford, a male victim at the University of California, Davis rather than being helped, he was suggested by a faculty member to drop out of school until the situation “blows over.”
Kamilah Willingham, a victim of rape at Harvard University was questioned about not fighting her attacker who is over 200 pounds with a height of about 6’3 according to the victim. She was also questioned about their friendship, that maybe her attacker confused their friendship with something more than just a friendship. Caroline Heldman, a professor at Occidental College mentioned that victim-blaming has a silencing effect on survivors. Lack of action from university
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