The Hurricane, Directed by Norman Jewison Essay

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I have recently viewed the film ‘The Hurricane’, directed by Norman Jewison and starring Denzel Washington as Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, the boxer jailed for crimes he did not commit. This emotional drama is a fantastic watch, with Rubin and his friends battling for his freedom after twenty years of unfair punishment. This film has been a hit all over the world and not only is it a great watch worth every penny but it sends out messages about believing in yourself and never giving up in what you believe. This action packed review will attempt to talk you through this roller-coaster of a story. Hold on tight!

Rubin Carter was born May 6th 1937 in Patterson New Jersey, the fourth of seven children to parents with in a stable marriage. …show more content…

Washington was the perfect choice for the role of Rubin Carter, putting forward a vision of a strong willed and unfairly treated man whose life has been littered with injustices. His work as Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter is on a par with his work as ‘Malcolm X’. Washington relishes in his role as the victimised boxer and puts his all into every scene, easily deserving his award for best actor. The manner in which Washington plays Rubin Carter makes the audience instantly get behind him in his fight for freedom simply the way in which he talks about his life in the jail earns sympathy from the viewers which helps make this film such a hit. A clever addition into the film by Jewison is the sub-plot including a young boy named Lesra, played by Vicellous Reon Shannon, who is offered schooling by three Canadians as they believe he has the potential to become very clever if he is given the right guidance. After a few years of teaching he reads a book written by Rubin Carter called ‘The 16th Round’ – his autobiography which completely captivates Lesra, inspiring him to write to the boxer and over time they become good friends with Lesra paying regular visits. The people Lesra is staying with are appalled when they hear about Rubins’ case and decide to help him in his battle

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